is what Dupont Wire is all about.

A large selection of wire mesh, custom products, expanded and perforated metals. Our mesh inventories include a wide variety of alloys as well including several types of stainless steel, low carbon steel, galvanized steel, bronze , aluminum and brass.

In Toronto call: 416-638-8891
Toll Free 1-866-312-8540

PRODUCT LIST  (Alphabetical Order)


Aluminum insect screen & wire mesh
Brass wire mesh
Bronze insect screen
Copper insect screen
Copper wire mesh
Decorative perforated metal
Decorative Wire Mesh
Fabricated Products
Fireplace Screen
Galvanized wire mesh
Golf/Game Farm Netting
Mild steel perforated metal
Mild steel wire mesh
Re-galvanized hardware cloth
SS304 insect screen
SS304 perforated metal
SS316 perforated metal
Stainless steel type 304 wire mesh
Stainless Steel type 310 wire mesh
Stainless steel type 316 wire mesh